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2022 Virtual Summer School - Original Credit Courses

Below are the virtual education Original Credit courses available through Educere for students:

Prospective NCAA Division I and II student-athletes are required to review their courses and confirm approval with their school and Compliance Officer prior to registering. You can view Founders Education’s available course offerings by going to the NCAA Eligibility Center Clearinghouse site at:  and using the Founders Education NCAA High School code (850148).

Language Arts

Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP2947  - 6th Grade Language Arts  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2879  - 7th Grade English (Language Arts I - MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2880  - 8th Grade English (Language Arts II - MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4265  - Journalism - MS  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP2783  British Literature  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3237  British Literature - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4611  Contemporary Novels  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCFSP4210  Creative Writing  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2779  English 09 (Intro to Literature)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3229  English 09 (Intro to Literature) - Honors   $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2781  English 10 (Literature) - Honors   $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3232  English 10 (Literaure)   $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2782  English 11 (American Literature)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3234  English 11 (American Literature) - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3118  English 12 (World Literature)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4602  English 12 (World Literature) - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4223  Gothic Literature  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4440  Grammar and Composition  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4206  Journalism  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4721  Lord of the Rings: The Films & Literary Influences  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4332  Media and Communication  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCFSP4685  Multicultural Literature  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4224  Mythology and Folklore  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4048  Speech (Public Speaking)  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP3853  Writing Skills and Strategies  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 


Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP2875  6th Grade Mathematics  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2876  7th Grade Mathematics  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2798  8th Grade Mathematics (Pre-Algebra)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2796  Algebra I  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3224  Algebra I Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2800  Algebra II  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3225  Algebra II Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2884  Algebra II/Trigonometry  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4255  Basic Statistics (Probability and Statistics)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2797  Calculus  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4272  Calculus Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3122  College Prep Math  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2801  Geometry  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3226  Geometry Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3223  Math Topics  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2857  Pre-Calculus  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4271  Pre-Calculus Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP2802  Trigonometry  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 

Physical Education/Health

Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCHSP3159  - Health - MS  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4768  - Physical Education 06 - SY  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4769  - Physical Education 07 - SY  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4770  - Physical Education 08 - SY  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP3898  General Health (Health Education)  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4670  Nutrition and Wellness  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP3490  Physical Education 09 - SY  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP3491  Physical Education 10 - SY  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP3492  Physical Education 11 - SY  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP3493  Physical Education 12 - SY  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 


Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP2871  6th Grade Science (Life Science - MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3127  7th Grade Science (Physical Science - MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4725  8th Grade Science (Earth and Space Science - MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4312  Agriscience I - Introduction  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4672  Agriscience II: Sustaining Human Life  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4673  Astronomy  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP2816  Biology  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3236  Biology Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4193  Biotechnology  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP2827  Chemistry  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3238  Chemistry Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4674  Concepts of Engineering and Technology  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP2824  Earth Science - HS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2810  Environmental Science  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4009  Forensic Science  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP2826  Human Anatomy & Physiology (Anatomy & Physiology)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4336  Human Anatomy & Physiology (Anatomy & Physiology) - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3994  Marine Science  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4337  Marine Science Honors  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4315  Paleontology  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCFSP2808  Physical Science - HS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2791  Physics  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3239  Physics Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4671  Renewable Technologies  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4313  Veterinary Science  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 

Social Studies

Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP4025  - 6th Grade Geography (World Geography - MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3128  - 7th Grade World History (World History (to Renaissance) - MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2915  - 8th Grade American History (US History to 1877 - MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4145  African American History  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP2815  American Government  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3230  American Government Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2832  American History - HS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3228  American History Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4212  Anthropology  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4213  Archaeology  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4439  Contemporary World Issues  $599.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FE) 
DCFSP3724  European History  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2909  Global Studies  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4207  History of the Holocaust  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4717  Human and Social Services  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4214  Human Geography  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP2814  Introduction to Economics (Economics)  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4215  Philosophy  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP2855  Psychology (Human Behavior)  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4211  Social Problems  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP2856  Sociology  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4715  Women's Studies - A Personal Journey Through Film  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP2853  World History and Geography I (World History I)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2851  World History and Geography II (World History II)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4209  World Religions  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 

World Languages

Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP3623  - French I (MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3622  - French II (MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP1719  - German I (MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4688  - German II (MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4259  - Italian I (MS)  $700.00  Full  FOUNDERS (CI) 
DCFSP4260  - Italian II (MS)  $700.00  Full  FOUNDERS (CI) 
DCFSP4036  - Latin I (MS)  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4037  - Latin II (MS)  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3193  - Spanish I (MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3194  - Spanish II (MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2777  American Sign Language 1  $599.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (ASL) 
DCFSP4319  American Sign Language 2  $599.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (ASL) 
DCFSP4328  American Sign Language 3  $599.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (ASL) 
DCFSP4329  American Sign Language 4  $599.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (ASL) 
DCFSP4217  Chinese I  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4218  Chinese II  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4220  Chinese III  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3607  French I  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4245  French I - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3620  French II  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4912  French II Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3621  French III  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4913  French III Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP1711  German I  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4624  German I - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP1716  German II  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4916  German II - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4321  German III  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4917  German III - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4322  German IV  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2053  Italian I  $700.00  Full  FOUNDERS (CI) 
DCFSP2054  Italian II  $700.00  Full  FOUNDERS (CI) 
DCFSP2055  Italian III  $700.00  Full  FOUNDERS (CI) 
DCFSP2635  Italian IV  $700.00  Full  FOUNDERS (CI) 
DCFSP4350  Japanese I  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (PL) 
DCFSP4351  Japanese II  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (PL) 
DCFSP3746  Latin I  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3747  Latin II  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4133  Latin III  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4273  Spanish for Spanish Speakers  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3093  Spanish I  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4244  Spanish I - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2975  Spanish II  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4918  Spanish II Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3104  Spanish III  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4919  Spanish III Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4323  Spanish IV  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4270  Spanish IV - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 


Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP4684  - Art Studies - MS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4618  - Career Explorations - MS  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4724  - Coding - MS  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4727  - Digital Art and Design - MS  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4720  - Game Design - MS  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP3319  - Life Skills - MS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4634  - Music Studies - MS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4816  - Personal Financial Literacy - MS  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4266  - Photography - MS  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP3934  3D Modeling  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4347  Accounting  $599.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FE) 
DCHSP4666  ACT® Test Preparation  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (ML) 
DCHSP4628  Advertising and Sales Promotion  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4687  Animation  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4051  Art History and Criticism Honors  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4076  Art Studies  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4612  Arts Career Exploration  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCFSP4258  Careers in Criminal Justice  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4246  Child Development  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4607  College and Career Readiness  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4241  Computer Basics  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4241  Computer Basics - HS  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4257  Criminology  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4616  Critical Thinking and Study Skills - HS  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4723  Cybersecurity  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4619  Digital Information Technology  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4606  Digital Media  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4314  Digital Photography 1  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4617  Early Childhood Education  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4222  Entrepreneurship  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4349  Family and Consumer Science - HS  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FE) 
DCHSP5023  Fashion Design  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4683  Foundations of Programming (Python)  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4553  Game Design 1  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4331  Health Careers 1  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4561  Health Science - Patient Care and Medical Services  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4287  Health Science - The Whole Individual  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4318  Hospitality and Tourism - Traveling the Globe  $249.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4731  Hotel and Restaurant Management  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4221  International Business  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4236  Intro to JAVA Programming  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4238  Introduction to Business (Essentials of Business)  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4766  JavaScript  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4003  Law - Introduction to Legal Studies  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4227  Leadership Skills Development  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4718  Learning in a Digital World - Digital Citizenship  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP3092  Life Skills  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4622  Manufacturing - Production Design and Innovation  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4180  Marketing 1  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4676  Military Careers  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4075  Music Studies  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4719  National Security  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4729  Nursing  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4228  Peer Counseling  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP3858  Personal Finance (Personal Financial Literacy)  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4614  Photojournalism  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4620  Principles of Public Service  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4700  Procedural Programming (Advanced Python)  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4730  Public Health  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4340  Real World Parenting  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4669  Restaurant Management  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCHSP4667  SAT® Test Preparation  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education (ML) 
DCFSP3848  Sports and Entertainment Marketing  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 
DCFSP4554  Web Design  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (EDL) 

Course and Program Information

Registration and Schedule
- Review course selections with your Counselor.
- Registration Due Date: June 7, 2021.
- Start Date: Approximately 7 days after receipt of registration and payment.
- End Date: All Original Credit courses taken during the summer must be completed by no later than July 24, 2021 by 11:59pm, EST.
- All courses are self-paced, though students must complete them by the designated end date. 

Contact Information
- Lutheran North Middle & High School Counseling Department: 314-389-3100
- Educere Personal Learning Coach™: 866-4EDUCERE (433-8237)

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