Washburn Middle/High School
2020-2021 Original Credit Course Offerings

Below are the virtual education Original Credit courses available through Educere for students:

Language Arts

Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP2879  - 7th Grade Language Arts I - MS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2880  - 8th Grade Language Arts II - MS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4265  - Journalism - MS  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4611  Contemporary Novels  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCFSP2779  English 09 (Intro to Literature)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3229  English 09 (Intro to Literature) - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2781  English 10 (Literature)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3232  English 10 (Literature) - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2782  English 11 (American Literature)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3234  English 11 (American Literature) - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP2926  English 12 - College English (British Literature - Basic)  $199.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2783  English 12 - College English (British Literature)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3237  English 12 - College English (British Literature) - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4660  ESL 1  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCFSP4223  Gothic Literature  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4440  Grammar and Composition  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4210  Independent Creative Writing (Creative Writing)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4206  Journalism  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4721  Lord of the Rings: The Films & Literary Influences  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4332  Media and Communication  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCFSP4685  Multicultural Literature  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4224  Mythology and Folklore  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4048  Public Speaking  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3118  World Literature  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4602  World Literature Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP3853  Writing Skills and Strategies  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 


Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP2876  - 7th Grade Mathematics  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2798  - 8th Grade Mathematics (Pre-Algebra)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2796  Algebra I  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3224  Algebra I Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2800  Algebra II  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3225  Algebra II Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2943  Algebra III/Trigonometry  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2797  Calculus  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4272  Calculus Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3122  College Prep Math  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2801  Geometry  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3226  Geometry Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3223  Math Topics  $399.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2857  Pre-Calculus  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4271  Pre-Calculus Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4255  Probability and Statistics  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 

Physical Education/Health

Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCHSP3159  - Health - MS  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4769  - Physical Education 07 - SY  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4770  - Physical Education 08 - SY  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP3898  Health Education  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4670  Nutrition and Wellness  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP3490  Physical Education 09 - SY  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP3491  Physical Education 10 - SY  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP3492  Physical Education 11 - SY  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP3493  Physical Education 12 - SY  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 


Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP2872  - 7th Grade Science  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2873  - 8th Grade Science  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4672  Agriscience II: Sustaining Human Life  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP2826  Anatomy & Physiology  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4336  Anatomy & Physiology Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4673  Astronomy  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP2816  Biology  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3236  Biology Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4193  Biotechnology  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP2827  Chemistry  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3238  Chemistry Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4674  Concepts of Engineering and Technology  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP2824  Earth Science - HS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2810  Environmental Science  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4009  Forensic Science  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4312  Introduction to Agriscience  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4671  Introduction to Renewable Technology  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3994  Marine Science  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4337  Marine Science Honors  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4315  Paleontology  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCFSP2808  Physical Science - HS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2791  Physics  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3239  Physics Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4313  Veterinary Science  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4615  World of STEAM  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 

Social Studies

Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP4025  - Social Studies 7 (World Geography - MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2948  - Social Studies 8 (American History I - MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2868  - US Geography  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4145  African American History  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP2815  American Government  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP3230  American Government Honors  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4212  Anthropology  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4213  Archaeology  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4439  Contemporary World Issues  $599.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FE) 
DCHSP2814  Economics  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2909  Global Studies  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4207  History of the Holocaust  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4717  Human and Social Services 1: Introduction  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP2855  Human Behavior  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4003  Introduction to Law (Law)  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4215  Philosophy  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4211  Social Problems  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP2856  Sociology  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2910  US History 10 (Modern American History)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4715  Women's Studies: A Personal Journey Through Film  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP2850  World Geography  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2852  World History 09 (World History - HS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3231  World History 09 (World History - HS) - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4209  World Religions  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 

World Languages

Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP3623  - French I (MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3622  - French II (MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP1719  - German I (MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4688  - German II (MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4259  - Italian I (MS)  $700.00  Full  FOUNDERS (CI) 
DCFSP4260  - Italian II (MS)  $700.00  Full  FOUNDERS (CI) 
DCFSP4036  - Latin I (MS)  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4037  - Latin II (MS)  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3193  - Spanish I (MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3194  - Spanish II (MS)  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2777  American Sign Language 1  $599.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (ASL) 
DCFSP4319  American Sign Language 2  $599.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (ASL) 
DCFSP4328  American Sign Language 3  $599.00  Full  FOUNDERS Education (ASL) 
DCFSP4217  Chinese I  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4218  Chinese II  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4220  Chinese III  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3607  French I  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4245  French I Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3620  French II  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3621  French III  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP1711  German I  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4624  German I Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP1716  German II  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4321  German III  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2053  Italian I  $700.00  Full  FOUNDERS (CI) 
DCFSP2054  Italian II  $700.00  Full  FOUNDERS (CI) 
DCFSP2055  Italian III  $700.00  Full  FOUNDERS (CI) 
DCFSP2635  Italian IV  $700.00  Full  FOUNDERS (CI) 
DCFSP4350  Japanese I  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (PL) 
DCFSP4351  Japanese II  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (PL) 
DCFSP3746  Latin I  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3747  Latin II  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4273  Spanish for Spanish Speakers  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3093  Spanish I  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4244  Spanish I Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2975  Spanish II  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3104  Spanish III  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4323  Spanish IV  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4270  Spanish IV - Honors  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 


Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP4684  - Art Studies - MS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4728  - Career Development - MS  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4618  - Career Explorations - MS  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4724  - Coding - MS  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4727  - Digital Art and Design - MS  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4720  - Game Design - MS  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3319  - Life Skills - MS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4634  - Music Studies - MS  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4816  - Personal Financial Literacy - MS  $199.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4266  - Photography - MS  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3934  3D Modeling  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4666  ACT® Test Preparation  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4628  Advertising and Sales  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4687  Animation  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4051  Art History and Criticism Honors  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4076  Art Studies  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4612  Arts Career Exploration  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4554  Basic Web Design  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4192  C++ Programming  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FE) 
DCFSP4258  Careers in Criminal Justice  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4246  Child Development  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4607  College and Career Readiness  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4241  Computer Basics  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4241  Computer Basics - HS  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4257  Criminology  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4616  Critical Thinking and Study Skills - HS  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4723  Cybersecurity  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4619  Digital Information Technology  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4606  Digital Media  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCFSP4314  Digital Photography  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4617  Early Childhood Education  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3125  Economics and Financial Literacy  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4349  Family and Consumer Science - HS  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FE) 
DCHSP4623  Fashion and Interior Design  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP3858  Finance (Personal Financial Literacy)  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4683  Foundations of Programming (Python)  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4553  Game Design  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4331  Health Careers 1  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCFSP4287  Health Science I: The Whole Individual  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4561  Health Science II: Patient Care & Medical Services  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4318  Hospitality and Tourism  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4731  Hotel and Restaurant Management  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4221  International Business  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4236  Intro to JAVA Programming  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4238  Introduction to Business (Essentials of Business)  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4676  Introduction to Military Careers  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4341  Introduction to Social Media  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4766  JavaScript  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4227  Leadership Skills Development  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4718  Learning in a Digital World: Success Strategies  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3092  Life Skills  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4222  Management (Entrepreneurship)  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4622  Manufacturing, Production Design, and Innovation  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4180  Marketing (Intro to Marketing)  $599.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FE) 
DCHSP4075  Music Studies  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4719  National Security  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4729  Nursing  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4228  Peer Counseling  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4614  Photojournalism  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4621  Principles of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4620  Principles of Public Service  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4700  Procedural Programming (Advanced Python)  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP4730  Public Health  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4340  Real World Parenting  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4669  Restaurant Management  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4667  SAT® Test Preparation  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCHSP4342  Social Media I  $274.50  Half  FOUNDERS (FL) 
DCFSP3848  Sports and Entertainment Marketing  $549.00  Full  FOUNDERS (FL) 

Course and Program Information

Registration and Schedule
- Review course selections with your Counselor.
- Registration Due Date: Rolling Registrations.
- Start Date: Approximately 7 days after receipt of registration and payment.
- End Date: Full Year courses must be completed by your school's end date and within 9 months. Half Year courses must be completed by your school's end date and within 4 months. Quarter Year courses must be completed by your school's end date and within 2 months. School may designate an earlier date.
- All courses are self-paced, though students must complete them by the designated end date. 

Contact Information
- Washburn Middle/High School Counseling Department: 715-373-6188
- Educere Personal Learning Coach™: 866-4EDUCERE (433-8237)

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