Bishop Ireton High School
2020 Virtual Summer School - Original Credit Courses

Below are the virtual education Original Credit courses available through Educere for students:


Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCHSP4747  Health - Healthy Lifestyles  $199.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 


Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP4119  Chemistry - VA  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3199  Physics - Basic  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP4126  Physics - VA  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 


Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCFSP4128  Algebra II and Trigonometry - VA  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2943  Algebra III/Trigonometry  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP3973  Geometry  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCFSP2795  Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry  $199.50  Full  FOUNDERS Education 
DCHSP4130  Trigonometry - VA  $149.50  Half  FOUNDERS Education 

Computer Science

Course Number Course Name Cost Credit Provider
DCHSP4554  Basic Web Design  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 
DCHSP4241  Computer Basics - HS  $299.50  Half  FOUNDERS (AE) 

Course and Program Information

Registration and Schedule
- Review course selections with your Counselor.
- Registration Due Date: June 21, 2020.
- Start Date: Approximately 7 days after receipt of registration and payment.
- End Date: All Original Credit courses taken during the summer must be completed by no later than August 13, 2020 by 11:59pm, EST.
- All courses are self-paced, though students must complete them by the designated end date. 

Contact Information
- Bishop Ireton High School Counseling Department: 703-751-7606
- Educere Personal Learning Coach™: 866-4EDUCERE (433-8237)

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